What is Gambling Cruise


Going on a cruise and gambling both are a form of enjoying the extreme luxuries of life. When joined they can create an atmosphere of ultimate amusement. The waves in water always enhance the excitement of any journey, and the atmosphere of any cruise enhances delightful experiences of touring. Added to that the enjoyment created by playing games at casino while on a journey to some port provides an experience of a lifetime. People usually have ample free time while on any cruise they can do not more than watch the scenic beauties around the waters or just wait for the destination to arrive. Well, all this is fine as long as the trip is short but with the increase in the time span of the journey, there's a need for some time pass. What better way than having a casino on the cruise to have an enjoyable journey.
Florida laws state that land based casino gambling is still illegal. However, it does not seem to matter as many people travel from all over the world to gamble in Florida based casinos. That is to say there daily legal cruise ships that offer all the fun and excitement of a land based casino, in a floating environment.

Hopeful and feeling lucky the gamblers excitedly buy their ticket and enter the ship. These ships combine the fun and excitement of a cruise liner and the thrill and amusement of a casino, all while dancing and drinking the night away. It is a short cruise, only a few hours, but it often offers all the amenities found on a full cruise ship. Often the food, dancing, and alcoholic drinks are all included in the main admission ticket. The only thing you would pay for would be the gambling. You would have many casinos to choose from as there are usually several separate casino rooms located on every level of these multiple level ships.

As many of us know, gambling is not always done in a casino. In fact, many may describe gambling as anytime a person takes a chance and places money or valuables against the hopes of winning more money or more valuable items in return.

Terms of gambling

Legal agreements defined as legal risk-shifting contract are often confused with gambling agreements. But there are distinct differences between the two. To demonstrate the obvious differences, let's consider the following example: if you purchased property insurance for your vehicle and the vehicle is destroyed in an accident, the insurance company must pay the claim to either repair or replace your vehicle as agreed upon in your insurance contract. Albeit the insured purchased the insurance and thus put their money on the line in the hopes that if their vehicle were damaged, the insurance company would pay for it. The insurance company put their money on the line in the hopes that they made a safe bet that will yield them great returns in the form of monthly premiums and no damage recovery. The bets in this contract can be a form of gambling, but the government refers to these forms of contracts as a lawful risk-shifting contract, not gambling because the purchaser had an insurable interest in their vehicle.

Offering of cruises

All of these ships offer daily cruises just far enough away from the mainland that the laws applicable to gambling in the state of Florida would not apply. The casinos offer a large variety of professional, intermediate and beginner level gambling games. Many gamblers would optimistically enter the casino room, and as easily as the free wine and champagne repeatedly fill their glass, their money would begin to flow. These games of chance attract new and regular experienced male and female gamblers willing to bet as little as $1 and as much as $10,000 on a single game. Like land based casinos in other states, many of these floating casinos have a dollar limit that can range from a maximum bet of $10,000 to $50,000. Regardless of these limits, gamblers are of course encouraged to continue to play the games of your choice. Gamblers are advised to place big bets if they expect to win big money.

Waging is similar to gambling in that you are betting money in the hopes of a bigger return. In many states these acts are illegal as well. However, there are many exceptions to waging laws as well. One popular exception enacted by many states statutes is to permit games of chance under certain dollar amounts such as we see in the community or private bingo games, lotteries conducted by religious and charitable organizations, club or religious raffles and other similar legal gambling activities.


Many of the hotel and casino all-inclusive packages include everything from gambling, live big-ticket show entertainment, dining in the hotel restaurants, bars with drinks and live dancing and clubs where you can dance all night and much more.